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28 Mar 2016 04:22

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Botox is a proteins extracted from a bacteria. It works by blocking the nerves that contract muscles, softening the appearance of wrinkles. With the increasing demand for botox in medical field, many institutes have come forward and have started the training process to medical practitioners. But among all Beverly Hills Aesthetics is the proven leader. They strive to maintain friendly business relationships with the trainees, making them more comfortable.
Everyone needs a boost at some time in their lives and when you look in the mirror and see yourself you should feel good. And surgeons at Beverly Hills are going to help you achieve it. Dr. Sam Assassa has been practicing aesthetic Easy botox beverly hills procedures since 1995. He has performed thousands of ground breaking non-surgical facial and body procedures. He expertly restores the arcs and convexities of both the body and face with expertise and grace – with beautiful, youthful results for his many, many patients. He is also a member of the American Society of Aesthetics and Mesotherapy (ASAM) and lectures on aesthetic techniques at ASAM’s conferences worldwide. Dr. Assassa is board certified in internal medicine and received his medical degree, with honors, in 1980, then held a series of internships and residencies in Chicago at Loyola University-affiliated hospitals, and in Cleveland at Case Western University-affiliated hospitals. Dr. Assassa is a Board Certified Specialist who deeply cares for each of his patients. Conveniently located in Beverly Hills, he and his team strive to deliver fantastic results and incredibly attentive services throughout your procedure.

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