The brutal history of Holocaust

29 Mar 2016 11:18

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Holocaust is an event in History not many people can pass through without a sigh. The brutal killing of 6 million Jews in Europe, mainly in Germany, is known as Holocaust. The Jews were mass murdered irrespective of age or gender basis. Most number of Jews was eliminated from the world from the 1941 to 45 time period. The Nazi reign under the leadership of Hitler brought hell upon the Jews residing in Germany. Hitler was dreaming of a world without Jews as he considered the Aryans to be a superior race and wanted to eliminate the Jews, which he considered to be the lower race.mag
The brutal killing of millions of Jews was only known to the outside world long after the things started. There were concentration camps and gas chambers set up in order to murder the Jews in whole masses. Armed soldiers had the right to shoot Jews out in the open. It was essential for Jews to wear a yellow star in order to identify them easily. This made them an open target to the Nazi army. Hitler and his generals were mad with the idea of a higher and superior race, which had caused this unfortunate event to occur.

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