How to install window blinds?

04 Apr 2016 07:57

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Instead of spending good amount of money to install shades window blinds from someone, why not try to do it by yourself? By following the below mentioned steps you can install your window blinds on your

1. Measure and determine the mount: Measure the size of the window by using a measuring tape to buy a blind of the right size. The outside mount can be measured by measuring the length from top to bottom of the casing of your window. The inside mount can be measured by measuring the width of the window at the bottom, middle as well as the top.

2. Use these measurements to purchase the blinds: Varying kinds of blinds such as PV, wood, vinyl, aluminium are available to choose from.

3. Make the mounting marks: While marking the outside mount, place the mark above the head rail on either side of the window casing after ensuring that the head rail is levelled with the casing. While marking the inside mount, place the mark just below the head rail on either end, while keeping the rail inside the window casing.

4. Attach the brackets: Place the brackets above the marks that you have made. For drilling the outside mount and the inside mount, place the brackets on the outside face of the casing and the inner top corner of the window respectively. You can use a drill bit of 1/16 inch in diameter.

5. Install the head rail as well as the valance: Prior to placing the head rail inside the bracket, snap the valance clips over the head rail at the front lip. Following this, place the head rail inside the brackets.

6. Attach the valance: Place the valance along the rail as you like it. After positioning it, press the valance down so that the valance clips can snap it.

7. Securing the blind wand: Insert the blind wand’s end into a hook, after pushing the same up and then slide the covering down again.

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