Los Angeles facials

13 Feb 2016 05:42

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At beauty boutique LA you can get many options to choose from here are a few described:
Natalie’s Specialty Signature facial: This treatment is the greatest anti-aging facial. This instant, noninvasive “face-lift” drives in peptides and lipids to stimulate your own miraculous collagen and elastin production. This facial is aided by amino acids to lift, detox, feed, and tighten your beautiful face for immediate results. It may cost you around $ 135 to $ 160.bbl
Micro peel: This 30-minute treatment for facial los angeles is a quick prepping of the skin along with the dual treatment. Implementing diamond tip microdermabrasion with the power punch of a chemical peel will peel back the layers of damage caused by stress, smoking, lifestyle choices and the sun. Surface inconsistencies, fine lines and discoloration get a one-two punch with this treatment. It will cost you just $ 120. http://beautyboutiquela.com/facial-and-skincare-faq/
Microdermabrasion touch up: Manage fine lines, pore size and keep fresh skin on the surface in less than 30 minutes without all the fluff. Pop in for a quick microdermabrasion session. With a quick cleanse to prep the skin then leaving moisturized and sun protected after the treatment-this option is great for in between facials.
Bashful Lashful: At beauty boutique they have designed a facial specifically for their amazing clients that want to maintain their glorious lashes. So now you don’t have to choose between pampering your skin and having beautiful lashes. The time duration for this treatment is around 60 minutes and will cost you $ 145.

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