Looking for lighting Hire Company in Surrey or London? True Sound Hire would be the best option

08 Apr 2016 11:34

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Lightning factor matters a lot when you arrange an event. Care needs to be taken that the entire room is illuminated, including the walls and ceiling. Accurate lighting is essential for the ambient of a hotel or restaurant at night – whether grievous or small, modern or ancient, glamorous or indigenous. Pools with glass walls appear more spacious at night if the garden areas outdoors are illuminated. Individual low energy consuming LED solutions combine extraordinary lighting effects with energy saving.

True Sound Hire started out as a PA hire company back in 2001 but over time they were asked more and more to supply the lighting aspect of the productions. They carry a wide range of lighting equipment from LED up lighters, simple ”sound to light” disco lighting effects to high-end lightings. LED with integrated lens optics enable you to create a kaleidoscope of directional color. With about 14 years of experience they are now one Surrey & London’s leading Lighting Hire London companies. Splashing patterns and textures of flooding color across large surfaces such as walls, columns or arches, either internally or externally.tsh
They are also one of the first hire companies in the UK to take on the 100w COB LED zoom Fresnel’s, This newer 100w COB (Chip On Board) technology makes lighting fixtures lighter, brighter* cheaper to purchase considering you don’t need any dimmers or power distro but also these lighting effects only draw 1.1a from the mains where as a standard ETC Source 4 pulls around 6.3a from the mains! http://www.truesoundhire.co.uk/lighting-hire
They hire out lots of different lighting effects and have some super cool effects not many have seen like the awesome flame machines, LED pixel disco lights and multi-color led sound 2 light disco effects all which is available for you to demo beforehand and of course without any charge. They do take all type of orders, whether it is a small or large ground supported truss structure or a large flown lighting grid they stock the right truss and rigging to comply with your needs. They can also hire you bubble, snow, and smoke machines for that extra special effect.
Hopefully this article might have given some insight to what “True Sound Hire”, do and what they are about. So if you are looking for the best lighting hire company, you are at right place.

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