Looking For Laser Hire in London, Surrey and Guildford? No problem, True Sound Hire is here for you!

08 Apr 2016 11:35

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If you are a DJ and want to take your DJ business to the next level with stage lights and DJ lighting from the True Sound Hire. \ True Sound Hire have teamed up with one of the UK’s leading Laser Hire companies to offer you single and full-color laser systems, ranging from 100mw to high-output 15w. They offer a wide variety of laser lighting, LED lighting, dance floor lighting and club lighting to set you apart from your competitors and grow your business. Lasers work by using coherent light which has very different properties to standard london Lighting effects. This is what makes lasers one of the most beautiful forms of light, but also one of the most dangerous light sources when not used with the proper cautions. http://www.truesoundhire.co.uk/lighting-hire
Their selection of par can lights for stage and dance floor lighting is unsurpassed and their club lighting includes strobe lights, lasers, and the latest lighting effects on the market today Very Bright and active changing lights for Dance Clubs, DJ’s, Home Entertainment Rooms Parties! Its Multi-Color LED Beams continuously Change Patterns on your Dance Floor. Unlike UV cannons which draw a lot of power from the mains and produce a lot of heat, our LED UV panels draw 50w not 500w, are lightweight, more reliable and offer a bigger output!
They can offer event packages which include your PA system, Staging, Lighting and Laser system, in one comprehensive package, for everything from conferences, seminars & exhibitions, to public displays, live performances, dance events and even wedding venues. Here at True Sound Hire they pride themselves on having the best and brightest of all event equipment, and this includes lighting and sound for wedding receptions and other parties.

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