09 Apr 2016 14:50

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Web Design Newcastle Websites built to be responsive will accommodate any screen size display. Responsive websites are highly advised for owners of ecommerce stores. Gone are the days when websites were primarily intended for desktop computers. Mainly because users prefer websites that can be accessed on any device, be it a computer or a mobile phone. Today, lots of individuals are surfing the internet from handy devices like Smartphones and responsive websites that are versatile in nature are most preferred.
Designers are not required to build multiple versions of a particular website. Based on functionality factors, these web pages are more sophisticated than their precursors. Supported by innovative resources and solutions, designers of today make certain that one website accommodates all screens and that notably reduce the cost involve in building a functional website.ed All the common features of the websites can be easily located unlike desktop- only websites that were like maze games for most mobile website users. http://edot3design.co.uk/
EDOT3 is a Responsive website design expert. They make sure that bounce rates are kept at minimum by making sure that navigation is straightforward and functionality of the website is not compromised. EDOT3 are a small team of designers and marketing experts who specialize in creating robust, dynamic digital marketing with next-level design & functionality. Gaining targeted traffic and converting visitors to take action is something they excel at. The staff is committed to maintain the reputation of the company, by giving their 100 % good service to the clients. They strive to understand the clients business in order to deliver the highest level of creative marketing solutions. They also supply hosting, Online Marketing strategies / SEO and can help with your advertising or traditional print communication so your brand is completely consistent across all marketing media.

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