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09 Apr 2016 14:50

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High quality print can really take your brand forward and set your business apart from the overwhelming noise of internet marketing. It’s been a proven fact for years that good designs sells well; you get a better return on money spent on good design for print than mediocre efforts often bashed out by in house print designers. You need design by people that care about your results and who can design to high standards of course!
As a design studio based in central Design Agency Newcastle you will find EDOT3 are genuinely concerned about the impact and success your print based marketing is bringing. They have partnerships with some of the UK’s finest commercial print houses and can offer you better affordable print. They are a design company first and foremost and facilitate the printing of their own in house design only and don’t offer printing as a service for external artwork.ed They facilitate printing on your behalf and make sure everything goes ok from artwork to finishing and make very little profit on it, they do more than get your business noticed, and they design for successful results and a real ROI. They believe in satisfying the clients, it’s important to them that their design converts your design & print investment into sales and success. They care about the results your printing will bring, not about keeping the presses rolling. It’s not just about keeping their print presses running and taking your money regardless of results. Their profit is in the design which in turn benefits your business marketing. They can also help out with digital marketing & websites so your design is seamless and consistent across all media. They have partnered with some of the UK’s best commercial print houses to offer high value affordable quality printing.

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