Non surgical rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

16 Feb 2016 04:09

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A rhinoplasty, non-surgical rhinoplasty beverly hills or nose job, is a procedure used to reshape the nose. There are a number of different types of nose reshaping operation. The exact procedure will depend on the aim of the treatment. The RINOLOOK SYSTEM™ is a set of techniques aimed at changing the aesthetics of the nose. It allows for reduction in the size and appearance of the nose without the complications and risks of traditional rhinoplasty. At Beverly Hills Aesthetics, they understand that you want the very best care and facilities no matter what type of procedure you are undergoing. And hence you can trust them blindly for their expert care.
The basis of Remodeling is the widening of 3 key angles of the nose. Using dermal fillers, namely ARTEFILL, RADIESSE, or JUVEDERM, they induce the formation of new tissue over time, eventually forming a permanent implant created by your own body. The two main techniques used are called “open” or “closed”. Open means that some or all of the cuts are made outside the nose, whereas closed means all the cuts are made inside the nose. They have over 8 years of experience of performing the RINOLOOK SYSTEM™ on more than 11,000 patients. And they are glad to say with confidence that this great technique can address 85% of aesthetic nose imperfections without going under the knife. Approximately 70% of nasal aesthetic flaws can be resolved through this Rinomodeling. Visit the official website and book an appointment now!

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