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20 Feb 2016 07:00

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The leading micro jobs provider is damango.com. It is an online source where you can earn handsome to support your living, by working in the area of your interest. The payment depends on the type of work involved. These jobs are very advantageous as, you are your own boss; hence these jobs are preferred by many people across the globe. These jobs are usually done by students, retired persons, and housewives. It is the best job for students as they can earn their pocket money for themselves while studying side by side. These jobs are motivating too, because you will get the pay based on the number of working hours, so you try to work more to earn more with microjobs . http://www.damongo.com/
They go by rules and hence you need to follow the rules which they work on, to avoid any termination process. You are responsible to scan all transferred files for viruses and malware. Damongo will not be responsible for any damages which might occur due to site usage, use of content or files transferred. dam
Sellers are responsible for all shipping arrangements once the buyer supplies the shipping address. Damongo does not handle or guarantee shipping, tracking, quality and condition of items or their delivery.
Gigs may be purchased using a Credit Card or PayPal. Once payment is confirmed, your order will be created. As a buyer, your identity is kept anonymous at all times. To protect your privacy, avoid requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact information. You may not offer sellers to pay, or make payment using any method other than through the Damongo.com site. You may not pay other users directly using their PayPal account. In case you have been asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it immediately here.

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