True Sound Hire Surrey:

20 Feb 2016 09:45

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True sound hire surrey has spent a lot of time putting together a variety of party disco sound & lighting hire packages so that the clients do not have to waste their time looking through each individual product which they offer. They believe in being different. If you do have band or DJ playing they are happy to talk with them direct making sure no stone goes unturned.tsh
When choosing a sound system for a DJ or PA system for a live band, you should consider a number of factors such as your audience numbers and the size and shape of the venue. The DJ will want very loud and clear DJ monitors so that they can monitor their performance, and some bigger live dance acts will also want stage monitors. Both of these important factors play a big part in the type of sound system needed.
They have many speaker hire surrey packages and as you go through the various sound and lighting hire packages, you will see that they are available in a variety of sizes catering to small, medium and large parties, but these can be personalized to suit your own tastes and requirements. Too often they are called on the day of some body’s event asking if they can supply extra kit. This is very common when live bands are playing at your venue or you have booked a DJ who requires certain equipment to be able to perform.
They ensure you get only the highest quality of sound possible, by using only quality proven, industry standard equipment & this means stocking the very latest pro audio equipment. They have perfect equipments, which are serviced and have never had any equipment failures and they put this down to using branded industry standard audio equipment like OHM, RCF, and XTA & Pioneer.

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