True Sound Hire provides special effects hire across Surrey, London and Hampshire to add a little something extra to your specia

22 Feb 2016 04:13

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From smoke machines to laser shows to bubble machines and high powered CO2 cannons there are so many options available at True Sound Hire Company. Smoke machines are one of the most popular extras and are the perfect accessory for any party especially those parties with disco lighting. Bubble machines are such a fun addition especially popular for children’s parties; it keeps them amused for hours! Alternatively they can be used for other events looking for something different.tsh
Today, laser systems are becoming high in demand due to the fantastic, impressive beams they produce. They have stock smaller green laser effects, a whopping 4W green laser which is PC controlled and offers a jaw dropping laser show to really wow your audience.
Another most amusing thing is the CO2 cannons. They are generally used for festivals, nightclubs or larger parties. They can be given to the DJ who can transform the room into an Ibiza style party within minutes.
Unlike UV cannons which draw a lot of power from the mains and produce a lot of heat, our LED UV panels draw 50w not 500w, are lightweight, more reliable and offer a bigger output!
They also have snow machine, which is definitely a winter favorite. For all those Christmas parties or winter wonderland themed events this is a must have. It produces a foamy substance which gives the effect of snow, a great surprise for kids at Christmas time! Also extremely popular for children’s parties and for those more recent ‘Frozen’ themed parties.
If you are looking for Lighting london any of the above please let them know and they will be more than happy to assist you to make your event a WOW.

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