The amazing facts to know about messenger app

26 Feb 2016 16:18

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In the present scenario, messages are now moving out of Facebook and the messenger app is one of the best ways to communicate to your near and dear ones while staying online on Facebook. There are a lot of improvements and features that have been added to this new messenger app after it has been updated. It does not take up a huge amount of space on your device and comes along with a lot of features. You can text your friends for free by using your existing data plan, you can reach on their phones so that they do not miss your messages and also, you can know who has seen your messages and who has not.
With the messenger app, you can share videos, photos and stickers as much as you want. The new updated version comprises of general calling and video calling feature which enables you to speak up with your friends directly with just a data connection. You can include mutual friends within your conversation and also you shall be able to have the most important group conversations at one place.
Whenever you log into your Facebook, you can have complete access to all the previous chats and messages. On your phone, you can have access to the free push notifications from messenger app so that you can see every message as soon as it arrives. You can swap between different conversations with the quick in-app notifications. After you have installed messenger app, all the messages and contact shall be available within your app. But that does not mean you cannot see your messages on your computer. Just open your web browser and you can find all your messages on your Facebook from the computer.
All you need to do is look for the download links of the messenger app for Facebook and you shall have a huge number of links available on the internet. Install the messenger app from any of the trusted links and then log in with your Facebook account or any of your email id that has been used while creating Facebook account. It is available for all the operating systems available in the present market. For android, windows and iOS, irrespective of any device you have, the messenger app is available for download. You have to visit appstore for iOS, playstore for android and lumia store for the windows messenger app.

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