The official facebook messenger app for android

26 Feb 2016 16:19

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The facebook messenger can be said to be the official app that helps you in having conversation along with all your friends on the popular social network. With this app, you shall now be able to receive and send text messages and the conversations can be continued later on from your PC also. Unlike any other instant messaging applications, facebook messenger app for android lets you share videos, images, location within the text messages and you shall even be able to a lot of recipients, open chat windows along with a lot of people at the same time. The conversations are kept in a bubble and you can move the bubbles through your device screen.
There are a lot of features available within the facebook messenger app for android. You shall be able to configure the app to make the sound and vibration every time a new message or notification arrives on your facebook profile. You can even respond through normal texts if you are conversing to a person who does not have facebook messenger app for android. You can also make voice calls from the facebook messenger app. The best part is the collection of stickers within this application. You can use these stickers for personalizing your conversation. The stickers are similar to the Line application’s sticker collection, but in the facebook messenger app, the stickers are livelier. You can change your chat theme while speaking to the special person of your life.
The messenger for android comes really handy for those individuals who use facebook app regularly. A few months ago, facebook has brought utilities for sending and retouching photos, as you can do in Doodle draw, and this has turned out to be the first game which works just perfectly and exclusively on facebook.

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