NURSES PRO: The world’s number one agency, where you can get highly paid travel nurses jobs.

29 Feb 2016 11:26

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With the increasing trend of travel nurses, many people are opting for this job because the pay scale is good and you can work at your own area of interest. Here the rates are decided according to per hour basis and hence you can work as much as you can traveling nurse agencies . The deals are very simple and sober to understand and are flexible enough. All these features have made travel nurse jobs more popular, and hence many agencies have been started which provide travel nurses jobs with high pay scales. nur NURSES PRO is the world’s number one travel nurse agency. At Nurses Pro, you find two contract plans mainly: Nurses Pro High Profit 80 / 20 Plan- under this plan the professional nurses can make their own placements at a hospital where Nurses Pro doesn’t have any previous contract. By the numbers 80 / 20 means; 80 % of billing amount is given to the nurses, while remaining 20 % of the billing amount is taken by the agency. For other contract scheme: Nurses Pro Safe and Simple 70/ 30 Plan- here 70 % of the billing amount is given to the nurses for their services and remaining 30 % are taken by Nurses Pro as their service charge. They have their official website which you can visit their website as they have mentioned each and every detail about the plans and the facilities which are provided by the agency and the hospitals.

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