Web Hosting at Affordable Monthly Plan

05 Mar 2016 09:37

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Individual and business owners can buy any web hosting package for their websites. This plan varies between $10 to $25 a month. Server side support and customer support is available 24×7. There are also plenty of free features that come with a hosting services account. Content management apps, plug-in, security tools, etc are just a few features offered by these providers. Whenever want to choose a plan, look into your requirements in detail, and choose a plan that servers your needs.gigapros
Customized websites
There are many open source applications available like WordPress, Joomala, etc, that can be modified to add functionality to the features of the websites. There are also free website builder tools that help the user build websites with different layouts without having to get into the programming part of website building. There are also FTP and content management tools that help the user manipulate the content as well as add the functionality of uploading and downloading from the website. The best part of having your own hosting account is that you get to have your own domain name and also choose the settings as per your needs. The user also gets free email accounts that match the web address that is hosted on your account. https://www.gigapros.com/
Reliability and storage
A few hosting accounts also give the user’s space to store their files. If you need a place to store back up of your files, you can choose a hosting account and store all the data. The downtimes are low and your website will always be up and running when you have your own hosting account. You don’t have to depend on administrators and external service to make any tweaks to the way your website functions or upgrades. Plus, you also get your own space to host your website. SEO services are usually for free provided by most of the hosting providers. Technical support is also available 24×7.
Cost effective and less latency
Having your own hosting account is the most cost effective solution to opt for. You don’t have to pay an extra upfront fee that you would if you outsource hosting. Having an in house hosting by just signing up for a hosting account is good to get started with, as these accounts and the services that they provide are scalable. It is good to have a data center located in the same city or the same country in which you run your business, so that the response time of data retrieval is reduced, thus minimizing latency time.

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