Affordable Web Hosting for Individual and Companies

05 Mar 2016 09:37

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Varied plans are available for cheap and affordable web hosting service. Based on your requirement as an individual user or an enterprise user, you can choose these plans and get the best of tools and services for you website. All the websites created using these web hosting services are mobile friendly. Any template that you use is platform independent by default. They are also hacker proof. Since, security is one of the paramount features they focus on; you will get the best of security features even if you choose a cheap webhosting plan.
More features and tools
Apart from security features, one of the default features that cheap web hosting service provides you is premium or free website builder. You can install and use this tool to build a basic layout of the website before you hire an actual programmer. If your website does not need a lot of functionality, you can use this tool to build your own website. Most of its features are drag and drop and you don’t need to have expertise in programming languages to be able to use these tools. The one click app feature also makes it easier to install any app of your choice provided by the webhosting service.
Storage space and extras
Whether you use the package with shared storage or reserved storage, the uptime of your website is guaranteed. Before making a choice decide the kind of website you will be creating. If your portal, for instance, is an ecommerce website, where you sell products or services online, you can take a package that gives you more storage space. For instances, taking a cloud infrastructure package will be more useful to host an ecommerce website compared to shared hosting package. In business packages the users will get additional features, such as fault tolerance, high speed storage, PCI compliance, etc.

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