File Hosting Features for Access, Sharing, and Storage

08 Mar 2016 10:13

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You can sign up for a cloud based file-hosting account, as this is catching up with most of the online users. A file hosting account comes with many features, such as, web and mobile access, drag and drop folder features, synching files, synchronization of files between local computer and the file server, and more. You can also provide access permission to these files and set permissions on each and every file. Even on complex folder structure, specific access permissions can be set when you take up this hosting package.
Features and storage
Most of the FTP accounts come with unlimited storage. Files are stores virtually and in a shared environment that makes it easier for the administrators as well as an individual user to store large chunks of files. A few FTP accounts also need you to have a paid storage to get access to unlimited storage on this account. In paid options, you usually get the feature of removal of any digital ads when you upload any file. Also, the uploaded files have all time access regardless of the duration it has been sitting onto those servers. The users can also upload or download large amounts of files using their email accounts. This is one of the important features of using a dedicated FTP account.
Upload speed
In an FTP environment the upload speed is considerably reduced and any kind of files, be it image files, documents, or video files upload at a faster rate without losing any data. You can also distribute these files easily when you have your own FTP account. You can also create unlimited number of folders. Also, the versions of the files are automatically set when you use this hosting account. This prevents overwriting of uploaded files.

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