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08 Mar 2016 10:13

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The users can now share files across the internet and the intranet using Prime image-hosting service. From a server that allows FTP access, the user can upload and download any number of files. The users can either use a third party FTP services or use the one provided by their web hosting service providers. The user only needs the server name, username, password, and also an FTP client to be able to use this service. The user can look into the section of the parameters and make any changes that are needed.
Remote connections
The user can download an FTP client onto their local machine to be able to connect to the remote server. They also have to start the remote service and allow access to these protocols so that they can use this service without lost connections or any other interruptions. From your cPanel in the web hosting or the file hosting account, you can choose any domain for which you want to give a FTP access and install this software in the account of that particular domain. If you have a dedicated IP address, you can easily enable the FTP service on any of the domains in your web hosting account.gigapros
Permissions and access
You can customize permissions for this FTP account. For instance, you can choose the number of users that can connect and access files at any given instance. You can also set a range of minimum and maximum FTP resources that these users can use. Uploading, downloading, viewing, etc are a few parameters that can be set by the FTP user, for anyone who wants to access these resources on your domain. A dedicated FTP service can cost up to $20 a month with root level access and full, weekly backup service made available.

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